Choo! Choo!

As a new mom (or a mommy veteran) you are constantly learning, and that also means learning from your own child. In a way, they make you realize that sometimes the little things are the most precious.

This past weekend we took Noah to visit his Lola and Lolo (for those of you that don’t know Noah is a Filipino/Guatemalan baby) and he made me realize that sometimes acknowledging the little things mean so much more.

Noah experienced his first mall train ride and even though he is only 7-months old he showed excitement getting into the ride. As an “adult” you tend to think that because they are so young they don’t really understand what’s going on around them, but that’s not the case.


They understand more than we can comprehend.

They appreciate what we either take for granted or find obnoxious.

The mall train ride is an example of that.



And it makes me realize that as Noah gets older and starts finding new things to gush about, I’ll be right there appreciating them with him because even though I stopped paying attention to them at some point in adulthood, he is here to bring me back and enjoy the little things.


I truly hope your weekend was as joyful as mine and wish you all a great week.




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