A few months ago our family took a mini vacation to Disneyland where Noah was introduced to the Pirates of the Caribbean ride and came to realized that pirates were kind-of cool. Let’s just say that after riding this ride twice his world was never the same.


So it was a no brainer to have his fourth birthday at Pirates Dinner Adventure. For those of you who are unfamiliar with this it is basically a dinner(set menu) and a show. You even get your own pirate to cheer for .

We were team “Red” pirate.

Noah’s birthday celebration felt intimate. Just immediate family, and if you know anything about Hispanic and Filipino families is that immediate means a lot of aunties and uncles.

Funny story, we had to squeeze in to get everyone in our group photo. It probably took us a few minutes to just adjust ourselves for the perfect picture, which by the way didn’t happened!

Overall, Noah had a blast. He even got a free sword!

And of course his birthday celebration didn’t end there.

Two words, “Vegas, Baby!”


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