Vegas Baby! Part I

Vegas Baby! Part I


Before I had kids I told myself that I would not be bringing my little ones here. Too much smoking. Drinking. And really? What are they going to do?

That was than.

And now years later, we celebrated our son’s fourth birthday is Las Vegas of all places!

And you know what?

We. Had. A. Blast!

Who would have thought.

Now call us crazy but we drove from Los Angeles to Las Vegas with two kids: our 5 month old and our now four year old. That’s two littles in a car for four hours. A little more than four hours since we had to make a few stops along the way.

But as crazy as it sounds it wasn’t.

Noah was using his tablet for the most part and Olivia was, well, sleeping for most of the time. And when she wasn’t she was being entertained by her kuya (brother) or being fed by me.

Mark is such a trooper though since he was our designated driver.

Along the way we stopped at Eddie World. They advertised their clean restrooms along the way and I wanted to see if it was true. Let me tell you. They did not dissapoint!

Not only were the restrooms clean but they had snacks, coffee , and fresh food. Can you say, lunch time?!

Definitely worth dropping by on your way to or back from Las Vegas.

Now we left Los Angeles a little after 10AM so we got to Las Vegas after 4PM. Throughout the entire ride Noah was super excited to finally be in Vegas.

I’ll explain later.

And once we got to our hotel he was ecstatic and so was I.

We were actually impress.

We stayed at the Red Rock Casino Resort and Spa, which was mentioned as a family-friendly hotel here and it did not disappoint.

Because it was already late we realized that the best way to unwind was by the pool and so we did.

A great ending to our that first day.

Pretty adventerous wouldn’t you say?


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