Vegas, Baby! PT. 2

Vegas, Baby! PT. 2

When traveling with kids it is a lot easier to have an itinerary ready. But it is also important to be able to adapt and be okay with letting things go because we all know that children=flexibility.

However, it is also important to listen to what your child would like to do.

Noah is a Blippi fan. Been one since the age of 2 and even met him last year!

I love this picture!

Of course when in a different state we try to visit places that Bippi has visited. Now if you have watched Blippi as much as we have you know he has visited the state of Washington, Oregon, Arizona (I believe), and Nevada (resides here).

Hmmm… kind of stalkerish, right?

And so the Discovery Children’s Museum was a must.

Noah: Best Day Ever!!!!

And Mr. Noah had a blast. It was actually kind of big and Mark and Noah went to explore the museum while Olivia and I stayed downstairs

Me: Selfie!
Olivia: Mom, seriously?

And now here is a few pictures of Noah having fun.

Olivia: Here’s one of me.

I was very surprised with this Discovery Children’s Museum because it had so much to do. But the one activity he enjoyed the most. The one he keeps talking about. The one I would recommend you to visit.

Water World.

There was something about water and getting wet that Noah and every other child loved. Scratch that.

That every child and adult loved.

But ye be warned. You will get soaked.

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