Hey, Hair Cut!

Hey, Hair Cut!


There are moms out there that cut their child’s hair. My mom was one of them. The whole process seems to go smoothly and you save yourself some money.

Well, that is not the case for me.

I don’t cut hair. I never planned on doing it. I will do it wrong. I mean, I can’t even cut a straight line!

In fact, for the past four years, my mom has been cutting Noah’s hair. The process has not gone smoothly but it has worked for us. That is until now because 1) my mom needs a break and 2) she and I have talked about how it might just work better for him if a stranger cuts his hair.

And you know what?

It worked!

We went to a kid-only hair salon. Of course, we were mentally preparing him since a few days prior. I usually do that with him. I tell him what were are going to do a few days earlier and I mention my expectations and throughout the days before our outing, we go over it and it works.

So of course Noah knew he was getting his hair cut. He knew what to expect and how I wanted him to behave.

And he followed through!

The hairdresser did a wonderful job and she was walking Noah through the process and he even helped her. He didn’t move and even allowed her to use the hair clippers, which he wouldn’t let my mom use!

This was not Noah’s first hair cut.

But it was his first proper hair cut.

What has been your hair cut experience? Do you cut your child’s hair? Does someone else do it?


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