A Curl of a Tale

A Curl of a Tale

Growing up my hair was my worst enemy.

Now in order to better understand this we need to go back to the 90s. A time when the media only showed women with straight hair. Not puffy, ugly hair. Just beautiful straight hair.

And I didn’t have it.

I couldn’t comb my hair the way other girls did, so hairstyles were out of the picture for a while. My signature look was my hair in a ponytail. The straighter. The better.

Unfortunately, that came with headaches.

Fast forward to 11th or 12th grade and I was able to finally straighten my hair. I was one with everyone else. I belonged.

But… this eventually damaged my hair. In fact, when I graduated high school my hair was badly damaged that I had to cut it really small. Not the best way to leave a mark in high school.

Actually, I don’t think I left any type of mark.

Now it’s not all gray and grim. By my first year of college I started to appreciate my curls.

Remember how I damaged my hair and had to cut it. Well, that became a turning point for me. I liked how my hair looked short and with some love and care (and a whole lot of treatment and money) my curls started to bounce back (no pun intended).

It was as if my hair and I went through a rebirth process.

I started to appreciate my curls and me. I became more confident and overall digged the hair.

One thing is true. Once you start loving all of you and investing in you. You truly don’t care about what others might think of you.

My hair is a form of my confidence. I came to appreciate my curls. Now-a-days you see more women embracing their hair and that’s great! It gives little girls something to look up to.

It’s unfortunate that that appreciating wasn’t available when I was growing up. Or if it was I was too focused on how terrible my hair was that I chose not to see it.

But I’m just glad I eventually saw it.

My curls are a part of me and wouldn’t have it any other way.


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