Learning Resources For Preschoolers

Learning Resources For Preschoolers

Noah attends preschool but in a blink-of-an-eye here we are. Home. Trying to adjust to the new normal and with that comes a learning curve for many of us. Which is why I wanted to share a few learning resources that I have been using with him at home.


We are very fortunate that his preschool teacher has been able to send work for him and we are continuing it while reinforcing it with additional activities throughout the day.

ABCs and Numbers Placemats

learning resource

We have these Melissa & Doug placemats that he uses while doing his work to reference back when he needs to see (and review) how to write a certain letter or number. This is a great preschool resource to reference when trying to make sure kids are writing numbers or letter correctly.

Side Note: If you decide to purchase via Amazon I get a little something back.

learning resource


learning resource

Before staying home, we were fortunate to have a conference with his preschool teacher. She said that it would be a good idea to review numbers and rhyming words with him, while also focusing on a set of sight-words she had for them. Here are a few learning resources that we use for number and sight-word recognition. One thing I can definitely say is that purchasing this set of flashcards was the BEST purchase ever!

Numbers – Noah and I play a game were he needs to recognize the number that’s on the flashcard in order for him to keep it. If he knows the number he keeps the card. If he doesn’t we start the game over again.

Note: He knows most numbers up to 25 so this game is a good refresher. Plus he likes to win.

Rhyming – Using one of the sets of flashcards that have pictures we play a rhyming game where I say a word and he needs to find a picture that rhymes with the word.

Example: If I say, “What rhymes with Mike?” Noah will look  at the pictures he has available and he would probably pick  a picture of a kite or bike. You can use silly words too.

This has helped him a lot!

Sight Words – His teacher gave us a list of sight words for them to memorize, and I was fortunate to find most of them in my flashcard set. Those words that were not there I wrote down in a plain old flashcard.

This is how we practice:

  1. Mix the cards before every game.
  2. Show the card to him and say, “Before you shout your answer stop, think, and look at the word. He does this and will probably spell the word because it helps him recognize the word at times.
  3. If he says it correctly he keeps the flashcard. If he doesn’t, I keep it.
  4. We review the ones he got wrong.
  5. Start the game again until I don’t keep any. Once this happens we finish the game for the day.

Side Note: If you decide to purchase via Amazon I get a little something back.

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LeapFrog Academy

I love this app! This is such a great learning resource for preschoolers. You are able to customize it or set specific goals you want your child to focus on. Because Noah was having a hard time with rhyming I was able to make it an objective and that’s what he was focusing on for a while and I can say that it helped him.

Not only that, but if you want more of a broad approach it gives you that option. All you need to do is click focus level (meaning grade levels or age).

The best thing about this app is that it let’s you check on their progress.

These are the Requirements:

  1. Table/computer/Phone
  2. Leapfrog Academy App
  3. Paid subscription – But you get one month free and three different paying options.


He needs to stay active and I was able to find a few good videos for him from YouTube.

  • Workout for Beginners – is a good one to get the wiggles out. He won’t get through the complete video but he tries.
  • Cosmic Yoga – is good one for them too. Easy to follow. Noah likes it a lot.
  • Go Noodle – not YouTube but definitely has a few things for him to do. Kid friendly.
  • Hip Hop – A fun intro class to hip-hop.

You probably noticed that I mentioned the word game a few times and that’s because that’s how I want him to see it. I try to not make it boring. Instead I turn it into a competition since he thrives on that.

learning resource

I hope these learning resources help you as much as they are helping my own preschooler.

Happy learning!


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