Hair Accessories on a Budget

Hair Accessories on a Budget

Okay. I’m collecting a lot of hair accessories for Olivia. Like I mentioned here, I grew up with curly hair and honestly I don’t think I was that into hair accessories.

Yet now with Olivia I am a little Obsessed!


Hair accessories are expensive. Like, it will add up, expensive.

Fortunately, thanks to Amazon, I found these inexpensive accessories. I’ve been using them for a few months now and I have such a big variety, but most importantly 1) they still look like new 2) they are super cute and good quality 3) they bring quite a few pieces and 4) I saved some money. Here are the ones I’ve used with her with affiliate links to them.

Snap Barrettes – Easy to put but if your child has fine hair, it will easily fall off.

hair accessories

Hair Clips and Bows – These have cute little designs and you can add a hair clip to your ponytail for some pop.

hair accessories

Plain Hair Ties – My easy go-to accessory, especially on those days when I just need to grab her hair or when I want to add some cute clips.

Hair Ties with Designs – They take a little more time to put but they are so cute to add to her outfits!

hair accessories

Happy Shopping!


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