Learning to Draw Shapes

Learning to Draw Shapes


Now that I am trying to get Noah ready for Kinder I want to focus on strengthening certain motor skills. To be more specific, fine motor skills.

One way I am doing this is by practicing our shapes. I found a few free resources that are pretty neat to help with this.

I hope you find these resources helpful too!

I Can Trace and Draw Shapes by Brittany Melzer

This little book has a few shapes for Noah to trace and then, as independent practice, it gives him the opportunity to draw the shape on his own. When I printed the booklet, I did it double sided to save on paper but you can do it as individual sheets.

Shapes: Trace, Draw, Cut by Family and Child Development Lab-Becky Cothern

This one is a fun activity. Basically you have to trace the shapes first. Second, draw the shapes on your own and third, using construction paper, cut the shapes and glue them under the right shape.

I recommend helping by drawing the shape on the construction paper and having them trace it for extra practice before cutting.

Drawing Shapes With Mr. ShapDuco: Connect the Dots by Teach1Art

This packet is pretty straightforward. All you have to do is connect the dots to make a shape. There’s also a page with a list of primary colors and a coloring page. Nothing fancy but good extra practice.

Face drawing with shapes step by step by Green Apple

This is just a fun activity showing you how to draw a face using shapes. It’s a one page activity.

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