Fun Project – Comic Style!

Fun Project – Comic Style!

Have you ever had plans to create something but just left it in the back burner because “life happened”?

I have. In fact, maybe a few times. However, something that 2020 has showed me is that stuff happens. And when it does you just need to do something.

2020 has not been a fun year for anyone, and with extra time in my hands I went back to thinking of some projects I’ve had in mind for a while. One of them has always been making a comic about my family because why not? I’ve seen a few around and have always thought, “that would be fun.”

And I finally decided to just do it. Go for it. If nothing else, I do hope it brings a smile to your face.

One thing to know is that I am a terrible artist. Can’t draw even if my life depending on it! So I did get help. The art is not made by me but by @perfectlynoodle on IG.

My goal is to stick to it for at least one year! I hope you follow along with us! And don’t forget to follow me on IG for previews too!


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