The 4 Best Collagen Peptide Recommendations

I recently wrote about the benefits of collagen here and why it is important to start incorporating it to your every day life. But I never did mentioned which products I would recommend.

Let’s be honest, if you start doing your search you will noticed that:

  1. Prices vary by quite a lot.
  2. Each one might focus on something in particular
  3. Taste and smell are usually important and
  4. There’s so many out there to choose from!

So today I wanted to recommend my top 4, but out of the 4, I have only tried one.

Now, why not just recommend the one I am using? Well, because I know that we all need options and I did some research online so that you don’t have to.

So let’s get started.

Live-Well Collagen Peptides


1: Dissolves instantly – A definite plus. So no more getting rid of the clumps!

2: It’s tasteless – I personally have not noticed a taste and others who have left reviews have mentioned this as well.

3: No Preservatives, Hormones, or Added sugar – Which other products might have.


1: Odor – It definitely has a strong bovine odor at the beginning but I haven’t noticed that on my current set. So I am not sure if something has changed or if I got used to it (hahaha!)

2: Price – It’s a little up there but for what it is it may or may not be a turn off for some.

3: Website / Portal – It lacks accessibility for customers to modify subscriptions.

Vital Protein Collagen Peptide


1: Dissolves Quickly – More so on warm liquids.

2: Tasteless – Many have mentioned that it has no flavor but some recommend putting on favorite drink due to minor taste.

3: No Carbs or Sugar


1: Odor – Minor Bovine odor

2: Price – It’s on the pricier side



1: Dissolves Quickly

2: Tasteless but Flavor options available

3: No Carbs or Sugar


1: Odor – Minor Bovine odor

2: Price – It’s definitely not budget friendly

Beyond Collagen Capsules

1: Capsule

2: No after taste

3:Vitamin C added


1: Pill Size – Some customer have a hard time swallowing them

2: Must take 3 pills a day

3: Price

There are many benefits to including collagen peptide to your daily routine and let’s be honest here, it is definitely not cheap, but consider it a personal investment. Yes, some of these benefits you may not feel or see right away but that’s because you are now in the process of preventive care.

Have you used collagen peptide before? Do you have a personal recommendation you want to share with us? I Would love to read some of your thoughts.



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