Making a Valentine’s Day Box: A DIY Project

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Valentine’s Day is coming up and Noah needs to make a Valentine’s Day Box with his favorite character on it for preschool. He’s really excited about making the box, but he doesn’t know how to choose from all of his favorites! So I did what every mom would, I helped him narrow it down and he was so excited to finally make it. I could tell he really wanted to play with this valentine’s day box.

Today on the blog I am sharing with you our process and the steps we took to get this project ready for Valentine’s Day

So get ready for a fun DIY project that they will get to enjoy all year long.

Choosing the Valentine’s Day Box

Batman Valentine's Day Box

First thing first, Noah needed some ideas on what character to choose from and I was able to come up with six options thanks to Pinterest.

Noah was slowly getting into Super Mario at this time, so I really thought that valentine’s day box would be a hit for him.

Turns out I was wrong!

It was a hard decision to make when you are faced with so many cool, well-known characters, but nothing could’ve compared to Batman.

Materials for the Batman Valentine’s Day Box:

Now that we had our task in front of us: create the perfect DIY Batman Valentine’s Day box. It was time to gather the materials.

A little side note: The smaller black felt we got had a sticky back so we used that for the Batman logo.

materials for Batman valentine's day box

Step 1: Wrap the Amazon box in black butcher paper or construction paper.

I then went on to make an opening for the Valentine’s cards.

materials for valentine's day box

We were definitely proud of what we had so far.

batman valentine's day box diy

Step 2: Create the utility belt and logo

Mark helped with this part because I can’t draw and Noah helped glue and put the rest together

valentine's day box for preschool

Not too shabby if you ask me.

Step 3: Batman’s Head

I went online to search for Batman’s head, which was the hardest part! I couldn’t find one that large so I had to print it smaller than usual and then enlarge it.

Here’s where the empty paper roll I prepared earlier came in handy. I covered it with construction paper as a support for the head and after some work, it finally stayed.

And TA-DA!

valentine's day box

A Batman Valentine’s Day box!

Noah was extremely happy wit his Valentine’s Day box.

As for how long the project took?

His teacher gave us about three weeks for this project. We did it in one weekend and we split the work into two days. One recommendation I will give is buy the tacky glue. It works on everything and it will make your life so much easier.

Have you guys ever done a Valentine’s Day box before?

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