Fair Foodie Fest at the Toyota Arena

foodie fair fest toyota arean
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We love fairs! The food. The rides. The experience. There’s something special about them, so when we found out that the Fair Foodie Fest was happening at the Toyota Arena, we just had to go!

Foodie fair fest in Ontario, ca

Entrance Fee and Hours

This was a free in-person fair foodie fest. No walk-ins though. You actually had to get the tickets in advance for the date you wanted. As the hours were from Noon to 9PM.

Entrance to the foodie fest in ontario, ca

Fair Food

When it comes to fair foods, we tend to gravitate to the same menu. We say we will try something new (which does happen sometimes) , but usually we stick to what we know. This time around it was

  • Hawaiian chicken teriyaki pineapple bowl
  • Lamb gyro
  • Giant corn dog
  • Elotes (corn)
  • Pineapple Dole Whip

Out of this list, our favorites had to be the Hawaiian chicken and Dole Whip. Noah enjoyed the corn dog (no surprise there) and Livi liked the chicken bowl the best.

Unfortunately there were not that many foodie booths to choose from because of the current covid circumstances and capacity but the options were there.

Food Pricing

We did noticed that the prices were higher than usual. An example would have to be the giant corn dog, it came out closer to $20! I don’t remember paying this much for it two years ago.

But, again, we understand that 2020 was rough on everyone. Do keep this in mind if you plan on attending a foodie fair this year.

giant corn dog at the fair

Fair Rides Pricing

We had two options to acquiring ride tickets.

  • Purchasing individual wristbands with unlimited rides for 3 hours
  • Purchasing a fair card that you can add additional amount of tickets to as you go

We decided on the card. Mostly because Noah and Livi are still young and can’t really ride all the rides yet. Plus, they will probably won’t want to stay at the fair for a long period of time.

fair ride pricing

Fair Rides

I want to say there were probably around 20 rides total, 5 fun houses, and 5 arcade related booths. Noah and Livi both went on the carousel, which was the only ride Livi was able to go on.

Noah on the other hand got to go on the:

  • Fun slide
  • Mini roller coaster
  • Mini drop tower
  • High swing and
  • Fun house

Noah definitely enjoyed himself a lot. It’s been almost 2 years since the last time we went to a carnival and he’s a lot taller now! So his choices were definitely a lot more.

Note: If you have littles, keep in mind that the options are limited for them.

Come with us to the Foodie Fair Fest at the Toyota Arena in Ontario!

Our time at the Fair Foodie Fest at the Toyota Arena was special. Mainly because it became the first fair we attended since lockdown. Livi and Noah both enjoyed themselves in their own way and we made new memories as a family.

When was the last time you went to the fair? Do you plan on going to one this year? What do you miss? Let me know!


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