First Birthday Party Planning

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With her birthday being a few weeks away, we are slowly starting to plan out what the event may look like. From decorations to what she’ll be wearing. This is what we have so far.


This was a no brainer for us– MOANA

The Outfit

Your baby’s outfit has to go with your theme and of course that meant browsing Etsy! I love Etsy. There are so many choices and it did not disappoint.

We were able to narrow it down to these two:

Moana first birthday outfit
First birthday outfit
Click on the link to be redirected to their appropriate etsy pages!

Aren’t they the cutest!

But we ended with the one that matched our baby shower colors.

Family Wear

Of course I wanted us to somewhat match with the birthday girl! So we ordered matching shirts, which I will share with you once they arrive.

The shirts have our “titles,” her name and birthday number, and a picture of Moana. I do hope they look cute!

Party Decorations

For her first birthday we are focusing on just making a “main table” presentable. Her party will take place in a restaurant so it does limit what we can do, which is fine. The less stress the better!

However, we do plan to include table decorations. Not that many though. My idea is to scatter Hawaiian flowers on the tables with some green leafs. Maybe add some flower crowns and leis because Moana = tropical party.


That’s all we have now. Fortunately we don’t have to worry about too many details.

I am still thinking about the photo prop.

Now that I am not sure how I will make it work! Or if we’ll have it. I mean is it really necessary?

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