Legoland California Water Park: Our Amazing Day!

legoland california water park
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The Legoland California water park is a great place to visit if you are looking for an experience of fun and relaxation. We went there on a recent family vacation and had the time of our lives! We took advantage of their cabanas and tried to explore the park as much as possible.

Noah and Olivia loved the experience and their favorite activities had to involve some sort of slide, which were a few and because it was hot out, the water was just perfect. Check out what we did and how to plan by reading this blog post today!

Chima water park at the legoland california water park

Get to the Legoland California water park early!

If you are going to hunt for the best lounge chairs, you need to plan on getting there early. The water park is open from 10am – 6pm, and if you arrive after 11am you may not find a shaded spot to call headquarters for the day.

Or a spot near your favorite slide.

fun at the legoland california water park

Do you rather cabana?

We love cabanas. It’s something we love to splurge on every once in awhile. They’re a great way to beat the heat and have some privacy when you want it most, like while eating lunch or laying out and enjoying the view.

Kids in the cabana at the legoland california water park

I’ll be honest with you. It is not cheap. There are two price tiers: Standard for $200 and Premium for $250.

But it comes with some perks. The cabana is yours for the whole day and you have an assigned host to assist you. Your cabana comes with a mini fridge and complimentary water bottles. Two lounge chairs and two regular chairs, a tote with two towels that you can take home with you and re-entry to the park.

Like I said, it’s something to enjoy once in a while. This is actually the second time we have rented one and honestly we love it.

Cabana at legoland california water park

Have a toddler with you?

The awesome thing about the Legoland California water park is that they offer quite a few things to do with toddlers.

Here are a few we did with Livi:

  • The Duplo Splash Safari
  • Eglors Build a Boat
  • Imagination Station
  • Joker Soaker
  • Lion Temple Wave Pool

Don’t forget the big kids!

Now that Noah is older he’s loving the big rides. He’s still not tall enough for the bigger roller coasters, but he loved all of the slides and water attractions.

These are some of the rides he was able to go on:

  • Twin Chasers
  • Splash Out
  • Pirate Reef
  • Orange Rush
  • Riptide Racers
  • Crug’s Run
  • Lion Temple Wave Pool

Is the Legoland California water park actually fun?

Yes. It is a lot of fun!

We were there from 11:00am-4:30pm and had an amazing time. Noah was able to go on most of the rides with little to no wait time. There’s a lot to do and there’s something for everyone. The fact that is all Lego out makes it even better.

legoland california water park

Water attractions recommendations

Okay. There are two attractions I would recommend you and your family to do. For me, they were the best ones.

pirate reef at the legoland california water park
  1. Pirate Reef – It’s a short ride but if you want a good soak, this is the one for you. Its 25-foot drop is worth it!
  2. Lion Temple Wave Pool – Noah and Olivia both loved this wave pool and they just didn’t want to leave it. If you’re not into the slides or rides and just want to chill, then definitely make your way to their wave pool in the Chima water park.

Chima water park at Legoland California

The Chima water park is actually part of the Legoland California water park. So in order to visit Chima you need to go through the “main” water park. It is a lot smaller and it’s gear towards older kids but it’s a fun little section to explore and that’s where you will also find the Lion Temple Wave Pool.

Before you go

  • Just a heads up. You don’t have to pay a full price ticket for your child under 2 BUT there is a small fee of $5. Which isn’t that bad.
  • If you plan on renting a cabana, you can’t do it the day of because they are all booked. Make sure to book it a week or so before your trip.
  • Take plenty of sunscreen
  • Have fun! It’s not every day you can enjoy a Lego water day.
family trip to the legoland california water park. fun for the whole family

The Legoland California waterpark was an amazing experience of relaxation and fun! We loved riding some rides, renting a cabana for privacy in the heat, and just enjoying our time there with the kids. If you are visiting Southern California or need to plan your last hoorah of the summer we recommend this water park. It’s a lot of fun and there are rides for all ages!


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