Olivia’s First Birthday

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My baby girl’s first birthday came and went and it makes me reflect on the fact that babies grow up in a blink of an eye. That first year of their life is hard. It comes with very, very long hours. That first year you lose track of time and of yourself and it’s just feels never ending.

But do not despair because you will see the light at the end of the tunnel. It’s just that unfortunately it will tug at your heart because you will realized that this means your baby is growing up and will soon be entering the Toddler Years .

Olivia's first birthday party

But for today. The present. Let’s talk about her first birthday.

On my First Birthday Planning post I talked about the theme and the decorations I bought through Amazon and on Saturday I was able to bring my vision to life, with the help of family.

We celebrated Olivia’s first birthday at Coco Palm, a Cuban restaurant in SoCal (so recommended!), and were given one-hour to set up before the party started. You would think it might have felt a little rush, and it did, but we were able to decorate the room with minutes to spare.

Side Note: The restaurant took care of the place settings. We just set-up the Moana theme decorations

My favorite section was the focus table. It came out the way I had imagined it!

Everyone had a blast.

What made this day even more special was the fact that Olivia decided to start walking unassisted.

And the cake was amazing!

One of a kind.

Made out of Love by Lola (grandma).

It was a super busy day but the Love, you felt it. All Day.

Happiest of birthday, baby girl.

As to what’s next.


The countdown has begun. We will soon turn 5 in July. On to the next party for us.

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