Our Weekend Trip To The Central Coast of California

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We recently took our first family vacation to the Central Coast of California! This trip was a way to end our summer vacation and to celebrate Noah starting first grade.

It was a weekend trip(yeah, super short!), but we were fortunate to visit the Monterey Bay Aquarium, spend some quality time on the Santa Cruz boardwalk, and finish it off at the Roaring Camp Railroad.

We had a blast and if you are getting ready to plan your trip to one of these places, make sure to follow along!

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Getting there

Family trip to the central coast of california

Let me tell you, being in a car with little ones for over 6 hours could drive anyone crazy! But if you come prepared, then chances are you’ll be 1) able to enjoy the trip and 2) have fun.

So what did we do?

  • Downloaded a few movies and shows they could watch during the drive
  • We made sure to make a lot of rest stops
  • Bring a lot of snacks for them to eat
  • And just tried our best

Just make memories

I guess what I am trying to tell you is don’t overthink it. It’s okay for your little ones to use their tablets and make a mess in the car.

You are there to make memories.

And honestly, I don’t even recall the kids throwing fits during the drive at all.

Once we actually got to our destination, well that’s where the real adventure began.

Ready to plan your own adventure to the central coast?

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