Come Along with Us To the Sea Life Aquarium!

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When we were planning our trip to Legoland California, we knew that there was a Sea Life Aquarium. There are many exhibits to explore including touch tanks where kids can feel urchins, sea stars, and sea cucumbers. Olivia loved seeing all the different types of fish that live in the ocean and Noah was proud of himself for feeling a starfish. I definitely recommend checking out the Sea Life Aquarium with your family!

Our visit to the Sea Life aquarium ath Legoland

We decided to hold off our Sea Life visit until the very last day of our trip. In fact, we checked out, packed our bags, and headed to the aquarium right after. We were glad we did it this way because it was the perfect end to our vacation.

Sea Life has many interactive things for kids

There are many interactive exhibits to explore at the Sea Life Aquarium!

Including touch tanks where you can feel urchins, sea stars, and sea cucumbers. Noah was extremely proud of himself for being daring and touching a sea star. He had so many questions and the employee was more than happy to answer them.

There's a touch tank at the Sea Life Aquarium

Of course, Olivia loves exploring and copying everything Noah does, so she got to feel some sea stars as well. Wait to go, Olivia!

Olivia and a sea urchin

Sea Life has a cool exhibit called Sea at Night that helps you experience bioluminescent tides and starry nights. Honestly, best exhibit ever! Even I enjoyed it!

Here’s a list of some of their other exhibits to look out for:

  • Shark Mission
  • Freshwater Exhibit
  • Shoaling Exhibit
  • Kingdom of the Seahorse
  • Shark and Ray Lagoon
  • San Francisco Harbor
  • Tropical Ocean
  • Shipwreck Exhibit

Noah and Olivia posing in front of a scuba diver made of legos at the Sea Life aquarium

Things to know before you visit Sea Life Aquarium

If you plan on staying at a nearby hotel or at one of Legoland’s hotels, make sure to include the aquarium.

  • It takes about 2 hours to fully experience the aquarium
  • Hours are from 10:30 am – 8:30 pm
  • They have a few interactive exhibits
  • Talks and feedings are held throughout the day
  • Plenty of rest areas
  • Entrance to Sea Life comes as part of a bundle package only
Noah and Olivia fascinated by the fish!

Noah and Olivia had a great time at Sea Life Aquarium. Actually, we all did! If you are interested in visiting the aquarium, it is worth the trip. Just remember that you can’t buy a ticket just for Sea Life. You do need to add it to your Legoland purchase.

There's a lot to explore at the Sea Life Aquarium

Will you be visiting Sea Life anytime soon? What do you look forward to doing? We would love for you to comment below and tell us about it!

Fun at the Sea Life Aquarium

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