The Body Shop at Home Deals for June: 20% Off Top Brands

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As your The Body Shop At Home independent consultant my job is to make sure you know when the deals are. The Body Shop has a great deal running this month for those that are looking to stock up on their favorite products! You can get 20% off the following skincare body products: Banana, Satsuma, Coconut, Mango Strawberry, lemon, men products and accessories so now is the perfect time to try something new!

Don’t know where to start or what to choose?

Then, today’s post is for you! I’m going to walk you through the must-haves that I recommend. I’ll do my best not to bore you (too much), but here we go!

The Body Shop Coconut Products

Body Shop Coconut skincare products are known to hydrate and soften skin while also giving it a radiant glow. Here are my top 3 recommendations for this line:

Coconut Body Butter

Shop the body shop coconut body butter

If you’re looking for a lightweight, natural product to moisturize and nourish your skin this is the one. It absorbs fast so it doesn’t leave behind any greasy residue.

Coconut Shower Cream

The Body Shop Coconut shower cream

Ready to embark on an island adventure? This shower cream will take you there! The coconut fragrance is so delicious and has the perfect lather.

Coconut Soap

The body shop coconut soap

If shower creams are not for you, try this soap. It lathers beautifully and will leave your skin feeling refreshed. Best part? It’ll take you right to paradise.

The Body Shop Mango Products

The Body Shop Mango range is a hit in the summer months because of its natural hydrating properties that give you an instant glow! Here are my top six recommendations for this line:

Mango Body Yogurt

the body shop mango body yogurt

Body yogurts can be applied to damp skin and that means no more waiting around! It absorbs quickly and will keep your skin moisturizes up-to 48 hours.

Mango Body Butter

the body shop mango body butter

Looking for a product that will keep your skin hydrated? Then our mango body butter is for you. Let it take you to paradise!

Mango Exfoliating Sugar Body Scrub

 mango body scrub

A body scrub is a great way to remove dead cells and get your skin feeling fresh. Our mango body scrub will leave you with smooth, hydrated skin that smells delicious!

Mango Shower Gel

the body shop shower gel

Wash your worries away! Using this shower gel leaves skin smelling clean without feeling tight or dry. The scent lingers for hours but not in an overpowering way. I love the refreshing burst of mango when you first use it!

Mango Lip Butter

the body shop mango lip butter

Your lips deserve a little love too! This lip butter is packed with Shea and Mango butters that will leave your lips feeling soft, smooth, and moisturized.

Mango Hand Cream

mango hand cream

Don’t forget about your hands! This hand cream has a light, refreshing scent and leaves your hands feeling soft and smooth. Best part is you can take it with you wherever you go.

The Body Shop Satsuma Products

Satsuma is known for bringing happiness, sunshine and a burst of energy. Here are my top 3 recommendations for you.

Satsuma Body Butter

the body shop satsuma body butter

This body butter is the perfect way to nourish your skin. It smells so fresh and fruity!

Satsuma Shower Gel

the body shop satsuma shower gel

A little goes a long way with this shower gel. It smells like you just picked up an orange and it’s perfect for all skin types!

Satsuma Exfoliating Body Polish

the body shop satsuma body polish

Removing dead skin cells from your skin is a key step in any skincare routine. This body polish smells like fresh oranges and will leave you feeling smooth and rejuvenated!

The Body Shop Lemon Products

The Body Shop Lemon range is a refreshing scent with an uplifting and energising effect. Here are my top two recommendations for you:

Lemon Purifying Face Wash

lemon face wash

Take your skincare to the next level with this purifying face wash. It smells like fresh lemons and will leave your skin feeling clean. Say goodbye to your bacteria and impurities!

Lemon Protecting Hand & Body Lotion

lemon hand and body lotion

Our hands need a little TLC too! Don’t forget to moisturise and protect and our Lemon hand & body lotion will keep them protected for up-to 72 hours.

The Body Shop Men

This month, we are also offering men the chance to get their hands on some of our quality products at a discounted price. Here’s what I recommend:

Guarana and Coffee Energizing Moisturizer

Guarana and Coffee Energizing Moisturizer

Here’s a reason to get out of bed today! This energizing moisturizer is made up of guarana and coffee extracts that will leave your face feeling great.

Green Tea and Lemon Mattifying Moisturizer

green tea and lemon moisturizer

Keep your face moisturized for up-to 24 hours.

Guarana and Coffee Energizing Cleanser

guarana and coffee cleanser

Need a little pick me up? This cleanser is also made with guarana and coffee extracts for a deep cleanse.

The Body Shop Banana Products

The Body Shop Banana range has many benefits for our hair, so this month we are offering a range of products for you to indulge in:

Banana Truly Nourishing Shampoo and Conditioner

banana hair shampoo

This shampoo is lightweight and will leave your hair feeling soft.

banana hair conditioner

A perfect partner for the Truly Nourishing Shampoo, this conditioner helps to keep our locks looking healthy.

Banana Truly Nourishing Hair Mask

banana hair mask

Featuring a delicious blend of Community Fair Trade natural-origin ingredients, this will leave your locks feeling healthier.

If you are interested in taking advantage of the 20% off offer at The Body Shop, now is your chance to do so! This promotion ends on June 27 and it would be a shame for anyone to miss out on such an amazing discount. Head over to their website today to place your order before time expires!


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