The Legoland Castle Hotel: What We Liked

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You know that feeling you get when you walk into a hotel lobby and it just looks like a happy place? That’s what I felt the moment we walked into the LEGOLAND Castle Hotel. There was an immediate sense of excitement, with LEGO Castle décor throughout. From the second we stepped on the property, Noah and Olivia went nuts! They loved everything about this hotel from the scavenger hunt to all of the fun things available for kids of all ages!

The lobby was fun to explore while Mark checked us in. They had a lego designated area where kids could let their creativity run wild. A fun slide that Noah and Olivia couldn’t have enough of. And so many photo-op opportunities! Let’s just say it was a hit with the kids.

Lobby at the castle hotel legoland

So before you book your room, make sure to read about what we loved about the Legoland Castle Hotel and start planning your next trip!

Outside the castle hotel legoland

The Legoland Castle Hotel has over 250 rooms to choose from

and we ended up staying in their Knights and Dragon Deluxe room. There were so many Lego models throughout the room that it was just fun to walk around and explore them.

Noah and Olivia had their own private sleeping area too, which they LOVED, until about bedtime. When they decided it was best if we all slept in the same king sized bed.

The kids' quarters at the castle hotel in legoland

Don’t forget the scavenger hunt!

Okay. As soon as you walk into your room, you will notice that there’s a locked treasure chest to the left. Inside you will find Lego surprises that you can take home. But in order to get them, there’s a scavenger hunt you need to complete.

Scavenger hunt at the legoland castle hotel

Yes, you can find the answers online but it’ll be a lot more fun when the kids are going around the hotel, trying to solve the puzzles.

Lego surprises from the castle hotel legoland

Complimentary Breakfast at Castle Hotel

The breakfast buffet was delicious and had a variety of options for everyone. The staff was always friendly and helpful with any questions we had, which made our stay even better!

TIP: When you stay at their Castle Hotel, the breakfast buffet is included so make sure you make a reservation ahead of time, or else you will be waiting for hours.

We made this mistake our first night and the wait-time for dinner was about two hours!

waiting to be seated for breakfast at the castle hotel in legoland

Entertainment courtyard and pool area at the Legoland Castle Hotel

I was really surprised about this! The entertainment courtyard has a play area, an outdoor cinema, and a Duplo tot spot. They even have a meet-and-greet area for photos.

meet and greet at the castle hotel

The pool area looked fantastic too. We didn’t explore the area fully but it had plenty of seating and even an interactive play area. Maybe next time we come we’ll definitely make it a must-do!

Noah loving the playground at castle hotel

So whether you are waiting to head to the theme park or are ready to unwind for the night. There is so much to do in the courtyard.

Olivia enjoying her stay at the castle hotel

We had a great stay at the Legoland Castle Hotel. The room was spacious, clean, and comfortable. I loved that there were so many fun activities for kids of all ages including scavenger hunts in every room! One downside is the cost. It’s not cheap staying here but the experience is worth it. Even if it’s only once.

Main floor of castle hotel

So tell me, have you stayed at the Legoland Castle Hotel before? Do you plan on staying in Castle Hotel? Comment below and let me know!


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